Enantioselective and Remote C–H Activation Reactions

报告人: Prof. Jin-Quan Yu

      Department of Chemistry

      The Scripps Research Institute

时 间: 2018年9月14日(星期五)下午3:30

地 点: 化学楼A204/206

邀请人: 雷晓光

Enantioselective and Remote C–H Activation Reactions

  Inspired by how enzymes use directing effect to achieve remote selective C–H activation, we have developed a number of site-selective remote C–H activation reactions which are fundamentally distinct from the classic directed C–H activation via cyclometalation processes. We focused our design on recognition of distance and geometry as the simplest parameters to achieve site selectivity, which has allowed us to enantio-selectively activate C–H bonds at remote sites, that are previously not accessible. The combination of remote directing effect and ligand acceleration is analogous to flying a kite in the wind.